In-House International is an Austin, TX-based creative firm and home to a ragtag team of irreverent makers and their ideas. A team that will shortly stop referring to itself in the third person.

That’s better.

So what’ s this ragtag business? Well… here’ s the thing. We exist to solve problems. We happen to have a bias for building creative solutions; we design, we code, we build apps and websites and brands. We draw and we animate. We produce that most aloof of creatures called “content”; we write, we edit, we tell your story, we wrangle data and organize it into infographics.

We design real, measurable business solutions that sparkle.*

Sometimes, they even win awards.

“Ok, cool”, you say? “But why In-House?” Because our singular goal is for you to achieve yours. We’ re the hired guns that make it happen, but we’ re also part of your team. Getting inside your organization’ s head is crucial to making work that’ s custom to your needs.

“Right. So what’ s this ‘ International’ nonsense?” We’ re creativizing in six time zones right this minute. And we work with organizations and businesses all over the world.

*Unless they need to be un-shiny. In which case we design real business solutions that do the trick and do it in style.