Foxy: Anniversary Edition Packaging Design



The 5th Anniversary party in the previous year had been wildly successful. The bar had already begun a tradition of creating limited edition beers for the party (in partnership with a company called BrewBros). The design for the previous year beautifully reflected the look of the space with a bit of a country twist.

To bring back that energy, we decided to go in a different direction: bold, geometric, simple, and fun. It didn’t take long to settle on the idea of six different beers, one for each year, and all making up a beautiful six-pack type of set.





The beers were unveiled on the day of the event. By all accounts, they were a big hit with patrons, who enthusiastically attempted to “collect them all” while listening to Barcelona DJ Maquiniste! play a special set for the occasion [that’s available to stream!]