ProForma Engineering


The task for In-House was to overhaul the look and feel of ProForma Engineering and create something that could grow with them. This started with creating and refining the logo and basic identity work (color palette, typography).

With this in mind, In-House set out to create a distinct visual identity—one that could easily encapsulate the company’s values, while consistently representing Proforma’s brand throughout the company’s internal and external communications. For ProForma, we also created a system of industry-specific icons that could plug into the main branding, allowing the organization to showcase the full range of their activities. Finally, we provided ready-to-use assets: from business cards and letterhead to a variety of document templates they could begin to use immediately.






After extensive industry research and an intensive study of Proforma’s brand personality, In-House created the company’s new identity around a set of six logos, each representing a different aspect of the firm’s engineering services. From these logos, In-House developed a full brand application guide, including a color palette, sets of internal documentation templates, business cards, email signatures and letterheads.

The team at In House did a great job of modernizing our brand and creating something that we felt we could take into the future. We expect the brand and logo to become a large part of our future business image.

Doug Krokosz
Managing Director, ProForma Engineering.