In-House International is an Austin, TX-based creative firm and home to a ragtag team* of irreverent makers and bold ideas.

*A international team that’s creativizing in six time zones right this minute.


Designers, got it.
So, what’s all this
‘irreverent’ business?

Design is not just about making beautiful stuff; design solves problems. We design to carve out experiences of connection in the noise of the world: clarity, recognition, delight, engagement, emotion. Irreverence is how bold ideas make it into the world. Well, that and execution.

Speaking of which: we design, we code, we build apps and websites and brands. We draw and we animate. We produce that most aloof of creatures called “content”; we write, we edit, we tell your story, we wrangle data and organize it into infographics.

We design real, measurable business solutions that sparkle* and–sometimes–even win awards.


*Unless they need to be un-shiny. In which case we design real business solutions that do the trick and do it in style

What’s this about
designing solutions?

Our singular goal is for you to achieve yours

We call ourselves ‘In-House’ because we take on your goals as our own. That means the ‘design’ begins well before any production happens. It begins with understanding client’s contexts, their communities, and how things work at each organization. We bring our expertise and work with clients to ensure the work, erh, works.

Let me know about awesome In-House things.

Ok then,
who are your clients?

These organizations (and many others) have already trusted us with their projects and goals.


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