an Austin-based design studio and type foundry that's home to Michu, Michu Benaim S. (CEO / Partner) Michu leads the studio and In-House’s awesome team by setting creative and business strategy. She wears many hats to feed her curiosity, and makes things–mostly with people, always through stories. Over the years, she’s founded culture magazines (three to date), a civic app, worked as a journalist, sat on a few boards and adopted an infinity of ‘indoor-kid‘ hobbies. Asking questions and collaborating are both at the core of her design practice. She has a B.A. in philosophy and comparative literature from UNC Chapel Hill and an M.B.A. from the McCombs School of Business in the University of Texas at Austin. She frequently speaks about art and creativity, being female in business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and other ships… Alex, Alex Wright (Partner, Design Lead) Alex is In-House’s resident partner-in-crime. In the span of his design career, he’s been an art director for two high-profile Latin American publications Plátanoverde and Medio Informativo, and a senior designer for Gopher Illustrated. He’s also a founder and longtime art director for the Simpl3 audio-visual collective, where he produced, designed, planned and played hundreds of events. His work has been featured in books, magazines and exhibitions throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe. Lope, Lope Gutierrez-Ruiz (Partner / Project Lead) Lope’s our kickass lead for projects in the arts, education and non-profit sectors. He works with clients representing organizations from all over the world, and leads our design team to make sure projects are always amazing, on-time and on-spec. Lope’s the co-founder of multiple arts magazines with global distribution, and he’s a fellow for many prestigious organizations, including TED Conferences, Knight Fellowship at Stanford, and Next City / Vanguard. Luis Luis Redondo (Senior Designer) Luis is a designer, illustrator and animator with work agency and freelance experience that spans Europe, Australia, and North and South America–and a longtime In-House team collaborator. He specializes in motion graphics, 3D animation and inventive, mind-bending illustrations. His range of skills includes branding, web design and production, interactive installation, video-mapping, typography, and commercials. At In-House and elsewhere, he’s created work for Facebook, Lenovo, HBO, Samsung, VICE and many others. In addition to design produced for clients, he’s recently worked on exhibitions for Beijing Design Week, National Museum of Australia, and Museum of Digital Culture ACMI. and a ragtag team of creative collaborators You name it: hand-drawn illustration, wayfinding, 3D animation, stop-motion animation, sound design, installations, graphic novels, and much more — beyond our core work of branding, our studio prides itself in the universe of designers, with all kinds of different backgrounds, that we regularly partner and have fun with. making things across time zones. Our studio has been intentionally distributed around the world since its inception about a decade ago. We truly believe that creativity flourishes when our designers and art directors have the opportunity to be immersed in different visual cultures — and that our visual work and design process is like no other thanks to this. Palo Alto, Austin, Mexico City, NYC, Buenos Aires, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Zagreb, Melbourne and Tokyo are a few of the places where our staff has landed or spent seasons working from; and it all reflects in our day-to-day approach to design challenges, our creativity and enthusiasm. We consider ourselves to be very lucky to work in something that we love, from places that we love.

Our Work

We design brands, campaigns, publications, animations, typefaces.

We are experts in editorial design, be it for print, websites, or any kind of special editions.

We draw and we animate, we develop strategy and create that most aloof of creatures called “content”; we wrangle data and organize it into infographics. We partner with clients to achieve their goals, and managing every step, and delivering on time, every time.

But most importantly, we design to carve out experiences of connection in the noise of the world: clarity, recognition, delight, engagement, emotion.

Always with curiosity and care.

Our Clients

During the last decade we have worked with 100-plus clients in some 400-plus projects, ranging from one-time books, to multi-year campaigns with hundreds of assets; from projects done in five days, to projects that have grown and morphed with its audiences over five years.

We have done this across all kinds of industries: art museums, travel, restaurants, medical, education, banking, social media, non-profits, publishing houses, packaging, start-ups, and much more.

Most recently, we have used our expertise to do in-house placements in fast growing organizations, to help them establish their first graphic design and marketing departments. In other words, if it’s a challenge we are interested.

“Working with In-House International was one of the more joyful processes I’ve experiences in developing a brand identity. […] the creative process was a delight, because they did an incredible job in listening, then delivering exciting options that reflected our needs, passions, and ambitions. We really felt that they were partners in our mission.”

Kamal Sinclair, Director of New Frontier Lab Programs,

Sundance Institute

“I am super excited about the designs [In-House] has created!! They literally made me cry when I opened the first batch of logos you sent. I cannot say enough wonderful things about your creativity, professionalism, passion for your work, and understanding of what we were trying to accomplish.”

Olivia San Miguel, Operations Program Manager,

Facebook (Latinos in Tech)

“The In-House team helped us create something that went far beyond our basic needs or expectations. They took the time to understand our organization and the project and designed something that is not only beautiful and original, but that makes the content itself stronger. Partnering with In-House was great.”

Dustin Sposato, Communications & Partnerships Manager,

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

"Michu [with the In-House team] and Pam [at JSK Stanford] experimented as each element moved from concept to prototype to finished product. Nothing in the final product looks like it did at first. Underlying it all was a refusal to settle for anything but the very best.”

Jim Bettinger, Director,

JSK Fellowships at Stanford

“They talked to me, understood my needs and turned that into a wonderful execution of the concept, much better than anything I could have imagined in terms of branding, with superb, world class design. I have gotten a lot of feedback about the campaign, and 100% of the feedback related to the design has been overwhelmingly positive."

Guido Nunez Mujica, Founder and Director,


“We’re very happy with how the book turned out. “Swimming Against the Tide” has been a huge asset, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. We’ve given it to all of our donors and have given it to many potential supporters too. It was also included in the TED book club so it went out to all TEDsters worldwide”

Patrick D’Arcy, Editorial Manager and Project Director,

TED Fellows at TED Conferences.

“Each step of the process was incredibly well researched. We also really appreciated how they would show us how certain designs had evolved or why they had decided to explore and then bin other routes. The end result was a brand identity which is truly imbued by our brand values.”

Brenda Van Camp, Founder and CEO,


“With the help of In-House we were able to articulate the implicitly held values and principles that animate our work. This effort has provided us with a shared vocabulary and clear criteria for both communication and decision making. The process of translating those values into a visual language was fascinating, energizing, and satisfying.”

Dave Wofford, Director of Operations,

Roots Behavioral Health

“The work looks amazing. Flyers were immediately picked up by our students. They wanted to take them right away to pass them on. It is a perfect overlap of the school identity and the student identity. It will probably be the largest showcase we ever had.”

Barna Kantor, Co-Founder,


“The experience of working with In-House was great, and I’d 100% recommend working with them. They developed a festival identity that’s vibrant, colorful and meaningful and delivered a cohesive visual universe represents us really well. We will be working with them for other projects.”

Milly Castañeda-Ledwith, Festival Director,

Cine Magnífico