Data can be dry. UNDP CCDRR wanted to build an engaging narrative that shows the human stories that surround abstract ‘development’ work. The book’s design is about highlighting stories about the effect of climate change on communities worldwide. Making data digestible would also help show what the CCDRR’s achievements through lessons learned.

To do all of that, we designed a book based on full-bleed photography and fluid text layouts, with an infographic section. Photos were central to the design, but high-resolution images were not available for all local chapters. So we built in duotone filters into the visual language of the book, allowing us to consistently use imagery of varying quality. It also help readers differentiate among case studies and book sections.

The four-page infographic section conveys key data efficiently and helps bring all the cases together. They can also be used as stand-alone pieces for social media. The book comes with a wrap-around poster featuring some of the best images of the book, delivered as a dust jacket.


The report was presented during the COP23 Conference in Bonn, Germany, to great response from the audience. A digital version is slated to be featured on the UNDP Publications website, and two translated versions (one in Spanish and one in French) have been commissioned