Pride Family Portraits

Portraits of LGBTQ+ families center belonging and intimate community in a time of social distance

2020 has been a solemn, transformative year. Pride month this year takes place in the context of a groundswell uprising against racism and police brutality and in the continued isolation of COVID-19.

When Pride celebrations got cancelled or moved online due to the pandemic, In-House Int’l designer Carlos Castro found himself more deflated than he expected to be. Annual Pride gatherings, he found, provided a sense of belonging in the broader community that he looked forward to each year.

At the same time, after months of confinement, Carlos reunited with the family of friends he’d built over the years and began to think of his family as his ‘essential community.’ It led him to realize how infrequently LGBTQ+ families in all their diverse configurations are centered and represented.

The Pride Family portraits are the result of that reflection, a way to celebrate the LGBTQ+ families cultivating belonging, safety, care and love every day of the year.

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Because In-House is a creative studio, we reached out to creative LGBTQ+ individuals whose work we follow. They work in different areas of creativity: visual art, poetry, zines, the ballroom scene, typography, journalism, branding and graphic design. Participants include:

As you might already guess, the configurations of their families vary–some have children, others a beloved pet, others are friends, some live apart. It’s worth noting that LGBTQ+ families can take many shapes that are not often represented, and that this series only scratches the surface.

In brief interviews conducted separately, two ideas came up over and over again: (1) that family is the same as relatives / people related by blood and (2) that family embraces each other for who they truly are.

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In-House illustrated family portraits based on photos sent by each family. In addition, each participating family shared their thoughts about how they define family, what family means to them, and the significance of Pride for them and their loved ones.

We pulled one brief quote from each family’s interview responses and created a typographic, illustrated GIF sticker to pair with each portrait. Each family’s portrait is presented with their individual sticker, to add bit more depth of understanding to each family portrait.

Seeing the six stickers together sparked the idea to expand the sticker series further and offer it as a gift to the community.

The six additional sticker GIFs were uploaded to GIPHY and made available via instagram stories. You can access the set you see here by searching for “pridefamily” and “familyis” on your instagram story GIF search.

Pride Family Portraits by
Pride Family Portraits by
Pride Family Portraits by
Pride Family Portraits by
Pride Family Portraits by
Pride Family Portraits by

The Pride Family series was released via the studio’s Instagram account from June 25th to June 30th, 2020.

You can download all stickers for free, personal use on messaging apps:

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