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AAJA Rebrand Logo application




The timeline moved fast: we had less than three months from discussion to delivery. First, we needed to understand the brand values–what should the AAJA brand say? How do those things translate visually? Together, we learned that AAJA is about community, an organization that is forward-thinking, impactful and influential. We built out from there: how the brand should feel, what it should do for members etc.

The logo’s use of red and signature-like movement are a nod to the original identity. The clean shapes give the logo versatility and longevity. The logo shows an organization that is welcoming, modern, impactful, but also one that has a history. We selected a secondary palette of modern yellow and maroon and two flexible, smart fonts to round out the visual identity. 

Using the new brand, we moved into the website. Priorities had been set, so we wireframed, polished, designed the interface. To implement, we built the site for Nationbuilder.Nationbuilder is a proprietary CMS often used by non-profits, and while somewhat rigid, it’s known for its excellent membership management.This selection was an important part of their journey as an evolving, member-centered organization.

Over the course of a few weeks, we took what was a highly streamlined CMS and developed custom content management tools that accommodated for AAJA’s ever-changing content and allowed for editable design.


In under three months, In-House refreshed AAJA’s brand, delivered a new logo, identity, and custom, functionally optimized new Nationbuilder-based website.

The new logo’s angularity, gliding strokes and two-tone palette maintains the traditional strong suits of the organization, while simultaneously attracting a new generation of journalists. The same can be said for the organization’s redesigned brand and website.

We took a CMS and developed flexible, custom content management tools that allow for editable design and accommodate AAJA’s living community (embodied in its ever-evolving programs, community initiatives and member stories). Now, AAJA’s members can easily join or renew, discover more about the organization’s values and initiatives, all while finding current information about the organization’s many local chapters and programs.

AAJA wrote about this rebranding process and its results on their blog.

It was a joy working with the team In-House. The Asian American Journalists Association was undergoing its first major rebrand in our organization’s history, and In-House thoughtfully and patiently walked us through the redesign process. They delivered the project on time, and we have a modern, mobile-friendly website and logo to boast. We would be delighted to partner with IH again.

Yvonne Leow
President, Asian American Journalists Association