Our co-founder has been spotted in some skater hangouts in years past, so the ethos of the brand’s target customer was immediately understood. When doing first sketches, he kept coming back to the idea of the rat—an expressed element of the brand. While the clean lines of the reverse teardrop made up the shape of the face, something was missing.
Luckily, Alexander’s young daughter Alicia came to the rescue, coming up with an eyepatch that turned the icon into a PiRat (get it?). The idea was an immediate hit, and the logo was instantly adopted by the team.


Since the logo and branding were completed in 2013, Wizz will have released 6 collections—each producing over 20,000 tshirts, socks, hats shorts, and other awesome stuff –by end of 2016 which retail in six countries including Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica.

“Wizz is a brand that’s very clearly graphically oriented and illustration-centric. However, even with our robust line-up of artists and collaborators, we knew we had to work with true branding experts to develop our corporate image. What came out of the process is a fresh, fun image that even integrates the idea of city-animals. Even with our high expectations, we were pleasantly surprised with the results.”

Tamara Hadeed
Creative Director, Wizz Wear.