For the 2012 edition Art City Austin, In-House worked closely with the Art Alliance Austin, creating a campaign that responded to their sensibilities. The campaign had to reflect the festival; “innovative, fun, and energetic” while maintaining a community feel . We came up with a design that incorporates the variety of activities presented at the festival with a notion of exploration and adventure, while grounding these ideas with visual cues about place.

For Art Night Austin 2012 we developed an identity that was meant to convey a sense of experimentation, fun and sophistication to attract a young and savvy crowd to the exclusive event. To achieve this we used experimental typefaces, diagrams, and collages with nocturnal motives (violet and silver tones with accents in subdued citrus-inspired colors).

For Art Week Austin, the program was created as a saddle stitch booklet with a fold out map.


The redesigned image for Art Night Austin succeeded in tripling attendance for the 21-35 year-old segment in the first year. The campaign and visual identity for Art City Austin was seen by hundreds of thousands of Austinites in print ads, OOH signs, taxis, television broadcasts–and all this visual media was even supplemented by radio. And the print program for Art Week Austin ensured that the festival was a visible umbrella event that included collaborations with the Fusebox Festival that same week.

Art Alliance Austin hired In-House International for their 2013 image and campaign as soon as the 2012 season ended.