Famasloop: Gira Animation

Venezuelan band Famasloop dropped a music video to experience with your eyes closed. We created the visuals and motion graphics to inspire you to stop looking.

Famasloop, a Venezuelan band transplanted to Mexico City, was in the process of planning the release of their album in 2017 when the earth shook in their new hometown. It shook things up for the band as well.

Two years and many songs later, the group was ready to launch the album, which now included a peculiar song named Gira. Unlike many of the other songs in the album, this is a song designed to move around you, and is best experienced with headphones on and eyes closed.

So when they approached us about creating custom animated typography for the music video, we were a bit perplexed. Why make a video for a song that requires not-looking?

Famasloop explained: they wanted to help people look away from the video. And they wanted us to create custom type to instruct and create a countdown for the start of the video.


Over the past few years, musicians have upended conventional wisdom about releasing new work. Albums now drop as art films, or by surprise, or just want you to pay what you want. The impact of this new creative wave is profound. It touches every part of the album experience, none more than the music video.

Members of the band had been following members of our team on social media for a few years. Alexander Wright had been posting lots of geometric experiments on social channels—both personally and on the studio’s account. The band took notice and, exploring some of the work we’ve created for 36 Days of Type, approached us with our own aesthetic in mind. Armed with a script and the track, we got to work.

We isolated and perfected the letterforms, added the scripts, selected a palette and added graphic elements and a glitch element to create a rhythm in between numbers. And once the countdown hits zero, the screen goes completely dark for the following five minutes.


We created three versions of the animation—widescreen, 4:5 portrait, and a vertical version to experience on mobile ‘stories’ format.

The band promoted heavily in the ten days prior to releasing the single, using (naturally) individual numbers from the countdown. The video and track were released on May 29th, 2019.


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