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As Facebook grows, so have the scope and scale of its storied Hackathons. Because Hackathons are now global events taking place across Facebook’s many offices, the task of organizing them–which had long been a small skunkworks effort–has evolved into a more formal organizing effort. The Facebook Hackathon Council organizes, executes and oversees the quarterly events.

Facebook contacted us to design a slightly more official visual identity for the Hack Council members that draws inspiration from mystery and secret society-type vibes and incorporated an existing monogram into the identity.



The logo and the applied identity needed to be the visual equivalent of a wink.

We presented three logo directions in a first round: one that hemmed pretty closely to the kind of etched old-timey seal but drawn in clean graphic lines, a second that went for a more tongue-in-cheek spy agency logo movie look, and a third that was a bit more experimental.

The selected direction (cleaned up-old-timey seal) was perfected and infused with some funny spy-agency details and the final logo emerged.

Then it was time to apply the brand. Since one of the requirements for the logo was that it needed to work in one color, we developed most of the applied identity in black and white as well.

To keep up that ‘visual wink’ theme going, we created some patterns and typeset Facebook’s values and used both elements as blind varnish prints–printed as textural elements that blended in with the backdrop. For a couple of high-frequency objects (read: the coffee mug and one of the hoodies) we simply printed the seal in black onto a black object.

hackathon process-01
hackathon process-02
hackathon process-03
hackathon process-04


We created a brand seal for one color, four tile-able patterns that used the internal elements of the seal, a typeset design for brand values, and applied the full identity to mugs, custom coffee bags, enamel pins, wrapping paper (on which we went off-script and used anaglyph cyan and red for a 3D effect), t-shirts and a really fun custom gift box.


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