Kiva International Women’s Day Campaign is a multi-national non-profit organization, know for their remarkable work in micro lending. In few words, Kiva allows people to lend money to low-income entrepreneurs and students in need worldwide, helping to improve their living by providing access to the resources needed to achieve success and financial progress.

Over the last 14 years Kiva has made almost one and half BILLION dollars in loans possible across the globe, with a spectacular return rate of 96.6%. As stated on their mission, Kiva “envision(s) a financially inclusive world where all people hold the power to improve their lives.

In early 2020, Kiva approached In-House International with delightful, powerful campaign: for International Women’s Day, they wanted to bring to light the work that Kiva has been doing in supporting women worldwide, by emphasizing the fact that supporting women is a job they do every day, hundreds or thousands of times a day — and thus for them it is Business As Usual, or as the campaign hashtag read #businessasusual.



Per project brief, goal of the campaign was to inspire “loans from existing lenders and new users” with an audience that has been roughly defined as “educated, car[ing] about social impact, and in-tune with the global community” — and with the specific project goal of “focus on reaching new potential lenders.”

For this project, In-House Int’l partnered with kick-ass designer Ash Trowel based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Together, we built a campaign that grabs the viewer’s attention with a one-hundred-percent illustration-based art, a dramatic contrast to the stale campaigns pushed by most non-profits.

At its core, the campaign was about showing dignity, emotion and celebration. It used a straightforward illustration style based on mono-weight strokes and color halftones, to create emotional, evocative portraits of women from all over the world, standing tall, cheerful, radiant. Showing the everyday strength of the women in Kiva’s network.

The color palette of the campaign was simplified to just seven colors for stronger visual impact, and most illustrations benefited of an even more restricted palette, on top of which we then peppered multi-color confetti and other celebratory items, to create two distinct levels of reading in each illustration.

Overall, this campaign presented a flexible and easily adaptable system, that allowed Kiva to switch themes (and assets) easily, helping make the International Women’s Day campaign grow in any given direction.

On the left you can see the microwebsite we built for the campaign, along with a number of assets displayed on Kiva’s Facebook page (you might have to click on images for scroll to play!)


The campaign was distributed across all of Kiva channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, reaching millions of people worldwide. An special event in Oakland included an interactive wall (featuring the campaign’s design) where participants could write messages. And last but not least, the campaign was expanded to include the participation of ten Instagram influencers, for which we created individual portrait illustrations, which were shared to their audiences, amplifying the impact of the campaign.

Influencers included:

01 – Rachel Rudwall:

02 – Ayana Lage:

03 – Julie Gordon-White:

04 – Danetha Doe:

05 – Ashley Houston

06 – Hanna Beth:

07 – Rupi Kaur:

08 – Mari Malek:

09 – Christina Garrett:

10. Shahrzad Rafati:

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