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LESS is the brainchild of fashion designer Mariana Brito, who joins a new generation of consumption-conscious creators with her line of timeless, useful, and beautiful pieces.

Mariana creates pieces meant to enhance the natural beauty of the wearer through meticulously constructed, tasteful pieces that will stand the test of time. This sensibility translates into the philosophy of the brand in general. LESS is about finding joy and beauty in simplicity and in that energy transfer, finding joy, beauty, and grace in oneself as one is. LESS is the opposite of mindless consumption: thoughtful, unique, made to delight for years to come.

When she got in touch, she knew she wanted to work with someone who would be able to mesh with her aesthetic sensibilities, so she sent a style-board in lieu of a creative brief. So we took a step back and worked with her to articulate the brand, putting language to sensory experience, and translating it back to a replicable, flexible brand that will, like her pieces, mature and evolve with time.

LESS brand abbreviated logo
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Brito approached us in the early stages of her design process to help her define the brand and then design a logo and starter identity kit that would take her through to launch for her inaugural collection, tentatively scheduled for Spring 2019.

In our first meeting, we defined what her brand characteristics were and what that meant visually. LESS is understated and minimalistic, which visually translated into off-white hues, organic materials and shapes, and lots of negative space. Timelessness to her meant geometric construction and the use of bold colors.

Femininity was also a key concept. But this her concept was about femininity as sensuous: curves, contrasting line thicknesses, calligraphic flair. And finally, versatility should be minded–the brand is still in its infancy, so it should be built as a system meant to grow.

We presented four logo directions, each amplifying core values of the brand to different degrees.

LESS Logo Proposals


We created a logo, variants for different uses including a monograma style guide advising on color palette and typefaces, and some simple brand collateral to help the brand get off the ground.

LESS is a very young brand, but a brand that’s alive. As the company grows and establishes the full set of object types they want to create — from jewelry to leatherwork and so on — the brand will grow with them. Watch this space!

LESS shopping bag
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