In-House was contacted by the Pop Culture Collaborative with an unique project: to develop the visual identity of their upcoming release: a report on representation of Muslims in Hollywood, in recent past and current media.

The project, titled Haqq and Hollywood: Illuminating 100 years of Muslim Tropes And How to Transform Them, required the production of a print report and visual companion (in slide format), as well as other smaller branding applications.

Together with the PCC, In-House developed a strong brand based on the use of Middle Eastern tile patterns sourced from books and research from academic partners.

These graphic patterns were updated with the use of a vibrant color palette, and then paired with robust serif-typefaces and humanist body-text type in sans-serif fonts, in order to create an overall brand that was visually attractive and uniquely informed by Middle Eastern graphic traditions.





The report and visual companion, written by journalist and poet Maytha Alhassen was released in October 2018 and widely shared in social media, helping spread a conversation about representation of Muslims in social media. Events are planned for 2019 that will expand the applications of the brand.