Roots Behavioral Health Rebranding

Roots Behavioral Health’s integrative approach to mental health has powered its growth. As they open a second location in Austin, Texas, the group was ready to rethink their brand identity to better express who they are as a practice.

Roots Behavioral Health takes an integrative approach to care. They offer their adult patients a wide range of services, including Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for treatment-resistant depression.

Their full-person approach to care supported the growth of the practice. On the verge of opening a second location, the team was thinking a lot about what growth meant to them as an organization. Revisiting their website, they realized that simply adding the address of the new location didn’t quite fit their trajectory.

They found that their current visual identity no longer felt like a good fit. The brand felt disjointed and the website was not conveying the message of thoughtful care they’ve meticulously cultivated with their patients.

So that became our guiding brief: redesign their brand and website so they convey the practice’s identity and culture.



Before officially engaging in any project, there’s a preliminary meeting with would-be clients / partners. These meetings give us a chance to not just learn about the practical details of a project, but also the context and motivations behind it. With Roots Behavioral Health, we needed to know what they expected the brand to accomplish–brands are generally about the outward expression of inner values and sensibilities, but those sensibilities are also experienced differently by different groups of people.

RBH had two audiences in mind. The first is easy to guess: prospective patients in Austin, Texas–or the people helping patients find a therapist. The second: RBH employees and team members themselves.  As the practice grew RBH leadership wanted their culture to become clearer and to be not just codified in language, but felt in the brand.

We also dug into their operations: where do their patients come from? What role does their website play in that journey?

Because they take insurance, a lot of their patients first found their practitioners through in-network listings.

That meant that the brand and the website was not meant to be used in creating awareness, but rather as an intermediate step as would-be patients evaluate their options. This insight was supported by Google Analytics and by patients themselves.

With that in mind, we adapted the sitemap for the website and in parallel, worked with RBH to identify their core values as a brand.

After a meticulous visual translation exercise at their office, we came away with a thorough understanding of their visual language that we’d use to develop their new brand. As we wrote them to recap a meeting, they added a final plea: they wanted to see at least one option that kept the tree-theme from their existing identity.

We presented four logo directions, each amplifying core values of the brand to different degrees and they selected a geometric cross-section icon to continue refining.


We developed the new visual identity for Roots Behavioral Health, including their logo, color palette and typeface selection, a set of essential brand templates (invoices, business cards, postcards), a set of custom patterns and graphic details they can use as the brand grows, and a brand new website.

With the second location now open, Roots Behavioral Health has a website that helps prospective new patients find the office convenient to them and quickly evaluate the practice, their approach and their team. And the brand helps team team members sense the values and culture of the practice nonverbally.  We’re excited to keep collaborating with them as they grow.

RBH Postcard

With the help of In-House we were able to articulate the implicitly held values and principles that animate our work. This effort has provided us with a shared vocabulary and clear criteria for both communication and decision making. The process of translating those values into a visual language was fascinating, energizing, and satisfying.

Dave Wofford
Director of Operations, Roots Behavioral Health

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