To visually communicate Bufalina’ s philosophy, In-House created a simple system that evoked craftsmanship, pizza dough rounds and finger-drawn icons and type in a restricted color palette. The logo’ s components account for versatility, allowing for a variety of combinations for extensive usage.

As for the menu, we had a different challenge. How can the latest version always be visible to everyone at the same time, wherever they are? A cloud solution seemed obvious. But we also took care to account for the needs of the business: something fast, easy to use, and that would keep its design principles intact. That is, an unbreakable menu template.


The logo we delivered was hand painted on the door and on a large street sign in its first venue. It immediately communicated its commitment to quality, a promise it certainly delivered on—Bufalina has been named best pizza in town, and among the best in the country.

Leveraging a product solution that we were developing internally, we created a custom web menu styler for Bufalina and Bufalina Due. The app keeps the menus on brand and is easy to use, while allowing the two restaurants to print their menus in-house (in their own laser printer) and coordinate remotely. This lets them make changes to the menu right up to their evening service. We’re continuing to develop a general solution for restaurant menus, and both Bufalina locations have signed on as tester-customers.

“I contacted In-House when I first decided to open my new restaurant in Austin. Michu and Lope and the designers were great to work with. They made efforts to truly understand the concept as my partners and I envisioned it, and worked to dig down to make sure our vision was well translated graphically. The team never cut corners on the process, and presented highly original and distinctive work that helps set the restaurant apart. They were highly responsive, detail oriented, and invariably punctual with their work delivery. I greatly enjoyed working with In-House International for the branding of Bufalina, and look forward to working with them again whenever opportunities present themselves. Most importantly, they always went the extra mile to ensure they provided high-quality branding that my partners and I are proud to put our name on.”

Steven Dilley.
Owner, Bufalina.