The Gopher presents nearly fifty designers, typographers, studios, illustrator and photographers in each of its editions. Design-obsessed, the magazine’ s design employs three fundamental tenets. 1) The use of color is limited to two offset inks through most of the magazine. 2) The use of a strict grid system that takes advantage of the external margins for notes, facts and images referent to the central text. 3) The title for each article is created especially for the issue by a different typographer, designer, illustrator or foundry. This last bit turns each issue into a bit of a contemporary typographic catalog, with amazing work sourced around the world.


The Gopher has been praised by both readers and critics. Wired Magazine (UK) called it “one of three print magazines to get excited about” and MagCulturedefined it as “an international magazine that delivers strong content in an intriguingly designed package, an intelligent read…”O.K. Festival in the Netherlands simply exclaimed “Gopher Illustrated: Wow!” It has appeared in events like TED and Printout, as well as featured in books like Los Logos Compass (Die Gestalten).