Presenting multiple sets of data across 28 co-authors, the success of LAC 2030 required a reader-friendly layout, clear, concise branding, data- and topic-specific illustrations and supplementary marketing materials.
We developed more than 100 illustrations for LAC 2030, based on the futuristic and forward-thinking content of the report. We also created an editorial structure for LAC 2030 centered around the reader’s experience and the intersection of our illustrations and the text, plus a series of digital posters and seven individual social media animations to complement the report online.

LAC 2030 In-House International design firm

LAC 2030 In-House International design firm

LAC 2030 In-House International design firm



With a tight turnaround, InHouse delivered two editions of the 156-page book in two different languages, seven animations and 30+ social media graphics on-time and on-budget. Three months after its release, the book has been downloaded over 8,000 times. The social media animations have been viewed over 5,000 times, with 200+ “likes” and 150+ “shares.”

In-House International has a first-rate team that provided us with deeply original design, professionalism, and 24-hour attention when we needed it the most. Thanks to In-House International, we were able to mark a new standard for publication design at the Inter-American Development Bank, and we broke records for the speed of completion.


Angela Funez
Lead Communications Specialist
Inter-American Development Bank