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When we decided to do this, our Instagram account was nearly brand new, with two pictures and under twenty followers. So one of the challenges was making sure that the posts were seen and attracted peers, followers, and allowed us to foster digital relationships.
To ensure we fully participated, we developed a regular schedule for posting and one amazing letter arrived to a central inbox each day. We tried posting earlier in the letter cycle for that day–often just after midnight.


The effort was part tag-team part exquisite corpse, and while coordination was minimal, it was clear that designers were reacting to the work of other team members. Fourteen out of the 36 posts were animated works, making the dialogue feel particularly… alive.
Over 25% of the letters published by In-House over the period ended up as official picks on the @36DaysOfType account, which boasted over 750,000 followers on Instagram at the time of publishing.