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With HeForShe’s vision of an inclusive future in mind, we set out to create an attractive report that would appeal to readers of all stripes both online and off. The design incorporates HeForShe’s brand identity, signature Pantone color and its ethos. At the offset, we had a few goals in mind:

1.) To create a report that would appeal to audiences across generations and interest levels–enabling various depths of reading that adapt to individual needs.

2.) To work within the HeForShe brand in  designing a report that looks fresh and exciting.

3.) To deliver data-heavy report with dynamic needs from many stakeholders on a compressed timeline.

Through research, iteration and many studio discussions, we arrived at a dynamic, line-based cover that the HeForShe team felt adequately represented their forward-thinking movement. From there, we designed a system that allows for a clear visual hierarchy, complete with easy-to-understand infographics, an icon and navigation system, and hundreds of custom-designed illustrations. Divided into five themes, the report was also printed and packaged with the reader in mind. On top of navigational tabs, each theme began with a visual surprise; upon flipping the theme’s introductory translucent paper, the reader finds a hidden caption on the following page’s imagery.

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At the close of the project’s two-month timeline, we delivered a 152-page report, a foldable short report for a quick review of the report’s main points, and a programme and invitation template for the report’s launch, which was used extensively in the weeks leading up to the event. The report debuted at HeForShe’s IMPACT 2017 Report launch event on Sept. 20th in New York City.

Check out the Short Report [here]  or dive into the full length report, available for download [here].