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Richard was putting a tremendous deal of trust in us to be the bearers of his story. But we realized that it did not have to be this way: we could turn a collaboration that’s structure like a relay race, to a true, all hands on deck creative exercise.

In passing, he shared that he had artwork of his own, or pieces he’d been given by peers or collected. So for our first working meeting, Richard brought these visual materials. They ended up becoming the basis for the poster, down to the selection of the shapes and color palette.


We implemented an aesthetic identity that is a hybrid between independent film and rock festival to capture the attention of pedestrians, and included text with more information on the topic. 

The poster was printed in two formats. The first had hundreds of copies that were placed all around the city. The second format was a limited edition large screenprint, for sale to raise funds for causes related to mental health. Richard’s poster sold out.