We began with exploring the visual associations the founder might have with the spirit of the brand. With a shared sense of how certain brand notions translate visually, we explored a few diggerent directions and refined a logo and identity kit that SharpAlice can apply through all its platforms. through a very clear and also swift process to associate our thoughts with different visual styles. This approach meant we immediately created a shared language to talk about what we liked and didn’ t like etc.


The SharpAlice brand identity and colors have been applied on all SharpAlice digital homes, helping to launch the brand in 2015.

“Each step of the process was incredibly well researched – i.e. it was very clear how In-House International designers had taken our input to then explore different visual directions. We also really appreciated how they would show us how certain designs had evolved or why they had decided to explore and then bin other routes. The end result was a brand identity which is truly imbued by our brand values.”

Brenda Van Camp
Founder and CEO